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Our Services

See an in-depth description of some of our core services.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our experts!

Home Automation

Linking technology to your everyday needs, operated via your smartphone or tablet, or through a centrally programmed Smart Home Hub. We make your life simpler and easier with home automation functionality. This in turn can handle all your heating, lighting, multimedia, security systems, and much more.

Sophisticated and state-of-the-art smart home products are installed by our expert team of technicians, who have many years of experience throughout the Sussex, Surrey, and London areas. If you use a variety of smart devices and would like to integrate them with one user-friendly interface which gives you total control, even remotely, with an efficiently managed WiFi setup that enables you to have multiple access points to ensure great connectivity throughout your entire property, then get in touch with our team. 


We offer a consultation to analyse your needs, then offer advice, ideas, and plans on clean design to meet them. We also offer a top-class installation service that aims to exceed your expectations.

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Security For Your Home

We install Smart motion detection CCTV systems that will enable viewing, monitoring and protection of your home or property from any remote location via smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

CCTV has a wide variety of applications to significantly enhance your security, and now keeping your high-value property and items under surveillance has never been easier for your peace of mind or to enable you to react to any emergency.  Smart Homes security systems often simply deter a burglary from taking place, but can gather a stream of evidence too.  Discreetly monitor your home, its inhabitants, employees, pets, or allow access to your property or vehicles without actually leaving your location. 

Domestic CCTV with Smart technology is both a clear deterrent to thieves and offers crystal clear clarity and colour for identification purposes, should your security be breached.  We can fit your home with sophisticated door and gate entry systems, intruder alarms and privacy devices easily controlled through the Smart Homes OS, your smartphone or tablet. Contact us for more information on keeping your home secure in Sussex, Surrey and London. 

Entertainment For Your Home

Viewing is rarely carried out from just one location – the ever-growing popularity of online streaming sources, alongside the increasing number of handheld smart devices. This means that it’s just as common to watch a film from an online source on an iPad from the kitchen, as it is to sit and watch a mainstream television channel in the living room.  With the Smart Home, your whole family can enjoy room-by-room streaming of entertainment of their choice.

Your home entertainment system can be seamlessly linked and controlled via remote keypads, sleek and portable touchscreens, even by voice commands.  

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Smarter Energy

Smart energy devices are taking their place in just about every room, creating new opportunities to control and manage your home’s power requirements. A smart energy ecosystem is future-ready with Electric Vehicle charging, Smart Batteries, solar water, air and ground source heating, lighting control and more – and it can all be powered on renewable energy.

A convenient and trouble-free Smart Home, will take control of your home environment optimising your heating, lighting and ventilation at any time of day, taking into account the state of occupation of the house, outside weather conditions, and even whether you are active or sedentary.  So, you can have a warm and welcoming home that anticipates your needs without wasting valuable energy.

Smarter Lighting

Automate the whole lighting process for total convenience and reactivity and complement your interior decor. You can have multiple circuits installed in any room, all controlled by a simple button, or even by using an ‘all off’ command.

Your home entertainment system can be seamlessly linked and controlled via remote keypads, sleek and portable touchscreens, and even by voice commands.  

Lighting is a key part of the ambiance in our homes for creating moods, highlighting special features or illuminating areas for safety and efficiency such as work spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

The right type of lighting can help you relax, or keep you alert, or wake you up. Unfortunately, not all homes are built to make the most of natural daylight, but with Smart lighting (or ‘intelligent lighting’) you can be in complete control of your home environment, with the ability to enhance your property with subtle illumination of its best features.

Not only that, there are incredible environmental and cost-saving benefits with Smart lighting. As a simple side-by-side comparison, intelligent and efficient lighting typically results in at least a 15% saving on your lighting bills.  In terms of Smart energy saving a standard lighting system just cannot compete.

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