You Are In Control

You Are In Control

Smart Homes Company offers a range of exciting technological products and assistance which enables you to take control of virtually any programmable product or appliance in your home with managed WiFi services and efficient connections available from any point in your home.  With advisors in and around Sussex, Surrey and London we are here to assist you to upgrade your home with a fully integrated system, one room solution or anything in between. 

You Are In Control

When your home appliances and devices are linked up to the Control4 Smart Home Operating System our products make living and interacting with your home easy and convenient for the whole family.  Your dealer can advise on what you need for seamless integration of all devices.  Managing your entire house with our powerful controllers is quite possible, but even a one-room solution can be expanded to encompass every room in your home including the outdoor space, over time, managing home security systems, video and high resolution music, and 4k high-definition video.  You can use our App on your phone or add further controllers, touchscreens and remotes to manage the whole automation system, adding amplifiers and receivers, matrix switches or home networking as you go. 

Our Smart home families quickly fall into a seamless interaction with their home systems, experiencing the convenience of living with the Smart interface and finding how easy it is to operate the system becomes second nature after a short while, but our team is happy to advise you on the use and enjoyment of your new smart home in Sussex, Surrey and London.  To make life even easier, voice control of your systems is also possible when the tech is paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart Homes technology also puts you in command of your experience with unique and unmatched personalisation capacity to enable you to take control of all devices used your smart home.

Unrivalled personalisation features:

  • Select what’s most important to view and control in every room throughout the house.
  • Receive notifications such as ’Water leak detected’ or ’Garage door open’.
  • Edit or create your own smart home scenes.
  • Customize your navigation to suit your needs.
  • Choose just the right backdrop for your personalized UI, including a photo you take yourself.

Our Smart Home advisors are available for households in Sussex, Surrey, and London.

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