What Makes a Smart Home?

  March 03, 2021

Integrated Smart Home Technology

Smart Homes Company provides integrated systems technology to make the basics of controlling your home, its heating, lighting, sound, ventilation and security totally effortless. 

Totally discreet, and easy to control automated home systems are all at your fingertips, interconnected with your Smart Home OS and also from a tabletop touchscreen, even your mobile phone in your pocket, or simply using your voice, so you have an instant overview of all systems wherever you happen to be. 

With the main costs of energy going towards heating and cooling, saving on energy inefficiency is the primary driver.  Smart systems are programmed to optimise your home’s energy use and output.

Daily Living with Automated Systems in Sussex, Surrey and London

A Smart home daily monitors your home for your pleasure, convenience and energy saving.  As you move from room to room, your Smart home detects your presence and lights are turned on and off automatically.  While you are at work, your security system is constantly monitoring and recording for intrusions; you can communicate with visitors via the Smart Doorbell, even with pets while you are out, keep an eye on your drive, garage,  receive alerts from the monitors about anything that is going on.  There’s no need to remember the basics - these are anticipated for you.  Simple things, such as your home heating system is automatically turned down if there is nobody at home, to save energy and boosted before you return.

Getting up in the morning, your home illumination can be handled automatically by the Smart System.  Especially in the winter months, be more motivated to arise by automatic daylight effects.  The blinds can be opened automatically; windows opened for fresh air, the heating automatically adjusted to your preferred temperature.  As the family leave the house, it settles automatically to ’empty’ mode, but is still monitoring for your security and peace of mind.

And later on, you are travelling home from work.  As you drive home, you encounter a delay or two or you might stop to do a little late night shopping.  Your Smart Home controller is in contact with your mobile, tracking your journey, and is able to delay the heating programme until the right moment.  About 20 minutes before you are due home, your Smart Home fires up the central heating and lights so you walk into your warm, welcoming home.  With a little prior preparation, you can even ensure that the oven is already on, cooking the evening meal for you.

Smart Home Gardens

Moving activites into the garden, the Smart Home experience also extends to electronics, where outdoor televisuals such as the brilliant, high resolution glare-free SunBright TV and top quality outdoor audio eperiences are specially designed to cope with the vagaries of our UK weather and still deliver fantastic viewing and sounds, enhancing your family parties and time out in the fresh air, and adding atmosphere with programmable experiences when you are entertaining.

And the easy life continues keeping control of your garden with automatic irrigation systems that can simply react to rain or shine, to ensure you have a trouble free garden with all your plants in tip top condition.


Smart Home Security

The door and entry security makes it possible to see and communicate with all callers, and allow entry remotely if desired.  While you’ve been out, or away on holiday, your Smart Home automated home system has been making it look as if the house is still occupied, lights go on and off, blinds open and close intermittently and your security system is busy monitoring visitors, in fact you can communicate face to face with delivery people if you need to, from your phone, when you are not at home. 

Smart Home Working

A fully integrated office that enables you to run your business from home is the dream of many people and remote working is possible with a fully connected office space from Smart Homes.  Even in the garden, your work area can be super connected with boosted WiFi so that you can keep in touch at all times.

Talk to Us about Automating your Home

From designing your media room to a complex whole house solution, Smart Homes can bring your visions to life.  Call us for more information about transforming your home with Smart home systems in Sussex, Surrey and London, to create a fully integrated automated home. 


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