The Automated Home

  March 03, 2021

Personalised, Integrated Technology

If you have ever thought that you need tomorrow’s technology today, and a home where the daily necessities of life can be effortlessly controlled with a few voice commands or fingertip controls, then let us introduce you to Smart Home living.  You may already have a home full of separate gadgets and Smart technology, and have been wondering how these can be integrated. The answer is control of the whole from a simple to use SO, using wireless technology, integrated by our Smart Home technicians.

Luxurious, Comfortable, and Effortless Living

Integrated systems from our Smart Home team in Sussex, Surrey and London create a luxury feel to your home with illumination, sound and comfort technology that senses your activities and reacts to voice commands appropriately, saving energy and effort, creating a home that is a truly  relaxing environment - a balm to the end of your busy day.

Smaller Bills - Smarter Efficiency

Most homes spend over £1500 a year on energy bills, but with Smart home technology, you can reduce your consumption dramatically by increasing efficiencies as your home optimises energy use and anticipates your needs, turning down the temperatures and lighting in unused rooms, preventing cold spots, and reacting to the outside temperatures.

An Automated Home that Anticipates Your Needs

Come the evening, you might be enjoying a film with the family on the home cinema, complete with sound system and variable lighting.  The automated home system senses that you are enjoying a home movie, and automatically dims the lights.  If you have to get up to leave the room for a few moments, the lights will brighten and the movie pauses, until you are back in place to watch it. 

Garden Entertainment with Smart Systems

You may indeed be watching TV in your garden, with some drinks listening to your favourite sounds, with the sound cleverly and discreetly directed so as to provide ultimate entertainment for you, without annoying your neighbours. Working from home doesn’t mean you are disconnected from the business either, our Smart Home can keep you connected with all you need for your home office. 

Staying Connected

A typical evening might mean you’re cooking in the kitchen, or watching tv but keeping an eye on the children or baby sleeping in a separate part of the house.  Perhaps there’s a ring at the  doorbell; a visitor, or a delivery, which will interrupt your activity.  There is no need to answer right away; since you can interact face to face with the person at the door without leaving what you are doing, using your mobile phone.  Your home system automatically detects and pauses your programme if you have to leave the room.  You can let visitors in remotely if you want to, knowing that for safety the lights will automatically brighten so they can see where they are going.

Audio Atmospherics to Inspire

Voice activated audio systems linked up to your single and multi-room home audio systems enable you to create the atmosphere you desire in every area in your home, including the garden, motivating you to sleep, relax, cook and tidy up with the music that inspires you the most.

Talk to a Pro about an Automated Home Systems in Sussex, Surrey and London

Call us to find out more about how our automated home systems in Sussex, Surrey and London can make your home life seem more effortless.

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