The Automated Garden Experience

  May 05, 2021

Automated Outdoor Living

The Automated Home Garden Experience is all about enjoying your garden more and making the transition to outdoor living easy with the controls at your fingertips.  From the back garden, front lawn, pool area, decking and conservatory or garden office, the luxury experience of indoor living can be translated to the outside to take full advantage of the warmer months to spend time with friends and family in the fresh air and sunshine.

All the Comforts of Home - In the Garden

Your Smart Home can give you the same advantages of automation and an integrated way of life in your outdoor areas that you are used to indoors.  A fully customisable and tailored garden that fits your needs is possible, with discreet immersive landscape speakers, a tv adapted for outdoor life, and full networking available from anywhere in your garden to keep you connected.  We can install many products that can combine to create an outdoor space that exactly suits your needs.

Outdoor Televisuals and Sound Systems

Pushing the outdoor entertainment to the next level, why restrict tv watching to indoors.  Relax at home and enjoy streaming 4k movies or even your personal Wimbledon experience with a glass of bubbly.  By adding an outdoor, fully immersive audio system that is engineered to be consistent throughout the space, avoiding excess volume or areas that are too quiet you can enhance your garden with your favourite sounds. 

High Quality Audio and Outdoor TV

With the Episode or Triad Speakers outdoor audio you can point the volume to the areas where you will benefit, and where it won’t overflow to your neighbour. We can install outdoor televisuals that are designed for a great viewing experience whatever the weather conditions throw at them, will mean you never miss your favourite programme if the garden looks inviting.  Out in the garden you are free to enjoy all your favourite series or computer games, or invite friends to a movie, in the open air.  Smart outdoor TVs are made to be weatherproof, sealed off from the elements and with internal monitors to keep them heated or cooled to the correct temperature from -24 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Outdoor Lighting and Irrigation

A seamless transition from day to night with is possible with exterior lighting effects which can add highlighting of architectural details or contribute to safely moving about with illuminated pathways. Customise automated scenese to get parties off to a great start in the open air, and when the guests have left, with one touch you can turn everything off as you retire. You can change up the mood by varying the tone or color of your lighting for both safety and atmosphere.

There’s no need to be constantly watching the weather when you have an irrigation system that reacts to daily conditions and takes over the watering for you, ensuring that your garden always looks fresh, verdant and healthy, whether you are in or out.

The Integrated Garden Office

A home office can extend into the back garden with an outdoor access point to expand your Wi-Fi network outside the house.  Working remotely at home doesn’t mean you are tied to the kitchen table or a tight space under the stairs.  The integrated garden office can give you a completely connected workspace where you can enjoy a relaxing view of your garden with fully integrated systems which enable you to enjoy working and then shut the door on it all to ’go home’ at the end of your day. 

A Vision for your Smart Home in Sussex, Surrey and London

Talk to us about turning your home into a relaxing environment where every area is optimised for work, rest or play, socialising or entertaining.  We have the perfect technology to tailor your vision with your lifestyle and leave you with a quality solution that is discreetly and easily managed.

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