Swimming pool speakers

  May 06, 2017

There are some things in life that are simply better when they are waterproof. Wellies (obviously), mascara (no one likes panda eyes) and swimming pool speakers. Practically speaking, speakers that are not waterproof are liable to at best, break as soon as they get wet and at worst, cause a nasty electric shock. Waterproof speakers however, will rock your world while causing no danger whatsoever to your health.*

Floating swimming pool speakers

I mean seriously, how cool is this? Just imagine – it’s a hot day, you’re floating about on your lilo (or inflatable crocodile – we won’t judge) and there’s music flooding the air from the floating orb bobbing in your pool. You are relaxed, content and wondering if you can ever be bothered to get up again but then… Justin Bieber starts playing! I mean, no one wants that. If your music were coming from the house or from a speaker outside of the pool you would have to interrupt your lazy lilo lounging and change it but with a floating speaker, all it takes is a few splashes of the wrist to float you over to it so that you can shut the annoying boy up. Bye bye Justin!

Underwater swimming pool speakers

It’s not all about laying in the sun and catching a tan – or so we’re told. Sometimes, swimming pools are used for exercise too. If you’re a seasoned swimmer you will no doubt be used to water muffling any sound as soon as your head dives under the surface, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Speak to us about installing underwater speakers – whether you want to perfect your synchronised swimming, or simply enjoy a bit of Abba, they could be just the ticket.

Underwater swimming pool speakers

Let’s not forget about your trusty household smart music system. If you already have a multi-room audio system, such as SONOS, then you might like to consider adding to it and putting an extra speaker in either your garden, or swimming pool room. SONOS is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant, making it suitable for use outside by your swimming pool, or on a shelf by your inside pool. Unlike some other systems, it will cope perfectly fine with the increased moisture in the air.

Outside waterproof speakers connected via amp

There are a number of fantastic waterproof outside speakers that we can connect to an amp, or if you’re a SONOS fan, to your SONOS Connect amp – giving you sound that is heard, but speakers that remain unseen. Dedicated outdoor speakers such as these will project sound inwards towards your listening area, meaning that you hear it, but your neighbours don’t. We can hide your subwoofer in the ground and seamlessly integrate your speakers into your existing surroundings.

Supplying and installing swimming pool speakers across Sussex, Surrey and London

We can supply swimming pool speakers to you directly, or help with the installation of them if required. If you are unsure of what you want, we also act as design consultants so can take a look at your blank canvas and make some suggestions. Whatever stage of the swimming pool speaker buying and installation process you are at, simply contact us to make your poolside area a musical masterpiece!

* Common sense is not included with purchases of any of our speakers and we accept no liability for burst eardrums.

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