Smart baby monitor installation

  August 09, 2017

Babies. They’re demanding, smelly, can’t fend for themselves and for the first few weeks of their lives they’ve got scrunched up little faces that look like they’ve been through the spin cycle of your washing machine. They also cry – a lot. So why on earth would you want to be alerted to their persistent wailing when you might be glad to finally have some peace and quiet? It’s a good question when you put it like that, isn’t it?

The thing is, babies (usually) cry for a reason. It’s not always just to annoy us either. Their annoying wails usually mean they are hungry, thirsty, stressed, hot, cold, tired… mind you if they are tired then you could be forgiven for questioning why they won’t just shut up and go to sleep in the first place? The point is though that, if they are crying, it usually means that these little bundles of joy need something that they can’t provide for themselves – as ear-piercingly frustrating as their screams can be, most good parents would want to be alerted to that.

Even if you live in Sussex and your baby can be heard crying from Surrey, you can still benefit from a Smart baby monitor!

Conversely, not all babies cry that much – even when there actually is something wrong. There’s no logic as to which do and which don’t and sadly, you can’t place an order for a ‘quieter’ one at the time of conception. The power of your infant’s vocal chords is pretty much down to the luck of the dice. If you have a quiet baby, or if their room is a fair distance away from you or the other rooms in your house, then a Smart baby monitor will give you the added peace-of-mind that they won’t go unheard when they need you. If you have a loud baby that could wake the whole neighbourhood (or as the headline suggests, be heard crying in Surrey, all the way from their home in Sussex) then a two-way speech or video monitor will help you try to calm them down quickly before the neighbours come knocking. It will also help you to determine if their need isn’t really all that pressing and they are just being a demanding little madam, or mister.

More benefits of Smart baby monitors

Smart baby monitors offer far more functionality than the traditional baby monitors we all grew up with. They boast clear, two-way talking and if you opt for it, video functionality so that you can soothe your crying baby without having to immediately rush to it – handy when you’re all tucked up in bed. Also handy if, when you stumble into bed, you’re so exhausted that you can’t remember if you put the baby in its cot or left it in the garden.

We offer a wide range of Smart baby monitors that will work with your existing Smart Home setup. You can monitor your baby, child or infant from varying ranges and keep an eye on them from a dedicated app on your mobile phone or tablet. They can be triggered by sound, or through the use of Smart motion detection to alert you to any unexpected movement within their room.

So whether your baby is a wailing nightmare that needs constant supervision, or a sweet little angel that you just want the ability to watch over remotely as they drift into the land of nod, give us a call. We install Smart baby monitors in homes across Sussex, Surrey and London and believe it or not, we’re even child friendly… although you will always get more brownie points for having a pet dog.

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