Security for your home

Security for your home

The Smart Homes Company works around Sussex Surrey and London to install Smart motion detection CCTV systems that will enable viewing, monitoring and protection of your home or property from any remote location via Smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 


CCTV has a wide variety of applications to significantly enhance your security, and now keeping your high value property and items under surveillance has never been easier for your peace of mind or to enable you to react to any emergency.  Smart Homes security systems often simply deter a burglary from taking place, but can gather a stream of evidence too.  Discreetly monitor your home, its inhabitants, employees, pets, or allow access to your property or vehicles without actually leaving your location. 

Domestic CCTV with Smart technology is both a clear derrent and offers crystal clear clarity and colour for identification purposes, should your security be breached.  We can fit your home with sophisticated door and gate entry systems, intruder alarms and privacy devices easily controlled through the Smart Homes OS, your smartphone or tablet. Contact us for more information on keeping your home secure in Sussex, Surrey and London. 

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