Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation

Smart Home consultations – Sussex, Surrey & London

Our Smart Home consultations are designed to introduce you to the concept of Smart living in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner that will showcase all the possibilities it offers and demonstrate how a fully automated living environment can benefit you.

Smart technology is an ever-emerging field, and while some of the more common uses for it are well-known, there are new and exciting advancements evolving all the time. As experts in this field, we will discuss even more ways in which you can integrate this exciting, intuitive and easy-to-use technology into your home.

Lifestyle analysis to simplify everyday actions

The first stage of our professional Smart Home consultations is to evaluate your current everyday actions. By exploring these processes, we can work together to devise innovative ways in which Smart technology can optimise them. This could involve activities such as automatically heating your property when you are due home, through to lowering your blinds at a particular light setting to protect your furnishings from sun damage or alerting you to unexpected activity around your property.  Importantly, all Smart Home solutions you would benefit from can be linked together through a central access system, making them accessible and straightforward to control.

Initial proposals and designs

Following your lifestyle analysis, our Smart Home experts will present you with their initial proposals, any associated first-stage designs and a fully-transparent budget. These are of course only suggestions, and we welcome feedback to ensure that you ultimately are presented with the best home for your needs.

Forward-planning for future projects

Our consultations are not just for those who are immediately ready to turn their existing home into an automated home, but are also ideal for property developers, architects and home builders who are exploring how to add value and functionality to their future developments. In this instance, our Smart Home consultants will be able to not only talk through the products that can enhance your properties, but also the required level of infrastructure that would be advisable to put in place at the outset.

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