Preparation & Installation

PreparationPreparation & Installation

Preparing for the installation of your Smart Home

Smart Homes Company can install the automated products and technologies to turn new builds and refurbishment projects into fully-functioning Smart Homes. Any required wiring can be put in place by us, or by your electrician following a detailed briefing. There may be some associated building or plastering works to complete, to install your new systems seamlessly.

Ordering and testing your products

All our products come with a guarantee for your complete peace of mind. During the initial consultation and Smart Home design stages, we will have worked together to select the best solutions to make your home work better for you. We would have ordered and tested the desired products extensively while your home is being prepared structurally. Any pre-configuration that was possible before installation will also have been completed.

Installing your Smart Home products

PreparationOur Smart Home installers are fully qualified, trained and experienced in installing and setting up your audio-visual and Smart products. You can be either present or away from your home during the installation and we guarantee that your property will be treated with the utmost respect. While you have the option to install some of your products independently, we are always happy to help and advise on the most practical locations to set up your products.

Installing pre-purchased products

We typically supply, as well as install, the Smart Home solutions that we recommend, but on occasion you may already own a new product that you are unable to set up without assistance. In these circumstances, we may still be able to help you.

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