Outdoor living – how outside speakers and outdoor WiFi can make the BBQ season even better!

  July 07, 2017

The British summer is notoriously temperamental. You only have to look at the papers in any given week to see the news headlines predicting both the hottest summer and the wettest summer on record. So which will it be?

‘Who knows!?’… but it would be nice to think that we will get at least a few days (if not a few weeks, or – dare we say it – a few months) where we can embark on some serious sunbathing, BBQ’ing and partying in our own back gardens. Jetting off abroad is all well and good, but when the sun is shining, there really is no place like England.

How’s this for the picture perfect outdoor scene?

You’re outside enjoying your bangers, burgers and beer. The air is fresh with the scent of cut grass and the mouth-watering aroma of meaty goodness. The sun shines down, warming your skin as cooler breezes blow across your face. You can hear… nothing. It’s nice at first. Peaceful even. But then next door’s screaming kids pipe up and you begin noticing the irritating, repetitive bouncing of their oversized trampoline. Suddenly your outside oasis is not quite as appealing as it once was.

You walk inside to top up your drink and instead of the screaming kids, you hear music. Fantastic, summertime music, like Mungo Jerry and Elton John (yes, some of us really do believe that they are fantastic). Sadly though, the only ones enjoying it are the pets, and while Fido and Fluffy are firm fans of Elton, wouldn’t it be nice if you could listen to your favourite music too, in superior quality and without having to pop back inside.

Well thanks to some fantastic outdoor speaker options – you can!

Introducing outdoor speakers

  • Outdoor Speaker Options:
  • Traditional stereo-system
  • Standalone wireless speaker, integrated with your home Wi-Fi
  • Multiple wireless speakers, operated from a central point
  • Integrated, permanent speakers installed in key outdoor locations
  • Concealed speakers that blend with the surroundings (even speakers that look like rocks!)

Outdoor living is all the rage. From bi-folding doors than integrate your kitchen with your garden, to posh outdoor furniture that costs more than the sofa in your living room; we all want to take the comforts of the inside, outside. Thanks to today’s technology, this is becoming easier than ever – Smart Homes are not just limited to their physical indoor space, but with powerful and far-reaching outdoor WiFi solutions, their features can be utilised outside too.

Back gardens are by nature quite open and are not usually all that speaker-friendly. Background interference, gusts of wind and a lack of surrounding walls and ceilings can make it tricky to enjoy your music, but today’s top-end speakers are designed with this in mind. The technology used in outdoor speakers has improved dramatically and we can help you pick the perfect speaker system to deliver high-quality audio and full-range sound to the outside areas that you enjoy spending time in. What’s more, your bespoke wireless outdoor speaker system can give clear and crisp sound in your own garden – without broadcasting it across the neighbourhood… so no one need know about your Elton obsession after all! Perhaps one of the most impressive things about today’s outdoors speaker systems though is that you can control them without even moving. Gone are the days when you had to get up to change a CD or skip a track and now, thanks to online music streaming services and Smartphone technology, it’s as simple as opening an app on your phone and picking what you want to listen too.

Do you want to make a lasting impression at your next BBQ by filling your garden with sound? Speak to us about outdoor speakers and outside WiFi to see what we can do.

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