Ongoing Support Packages

Ongoing Support Packages

Your peace of mind is at the heart of everything we do at The Smart Homes Company, which is why we offer a
comprehensive range of support packages for all budgets.


Why do I need support?
All the systems we install, are designed to be as robust as possible, to ensure peace of mind, reliability of
operation and enjoyment. The core of any system is software based and over time manufacturers will release
updates, bug fixes and upgrades to enhance features or to improve performance.  Additionally, some items of kit may require adjustments to keep them in optimum condition. Alongside this, we realize that sometimes changes may be made to your home that might affect your system. Our range of support packages helps cover for all eventualities.

Which package is right for me?
No two installations are the same and each system has been designed to best meet our clients’ needs. As such, we’re happy to advise you on the package we recommend for your system, based on the equipment installed and your own personal requirements.

When is support available?
We run a 24 hour, 365‐day response service to ensure our clients have maximum peace of mind.

My project was installed by someone else; can you support it?
We are happy to extend our support services to projects that have been completed by others, or that might require rescuing. We normally carry out an initial survey to determine if works need to be undertaken and if necessary, to bring the project into line with industry best practice, after which we can then subscribe you to an appropriate maintenance package. 

Maintenance Package Options
Depending on your systems, you may need to some equipment to enable us to monitor different aspects of your home automation system, Wi-Fi, network, broadband or internet security.

All our maintenance packages include monitoring, using our OVRC proactive server. These great little units actively monitor your systems and if anything starts to go wrong, or if software needs to be updated, they will notify our team, enabling our on-call engineer to take the necessary steps to keep everything running perfectly.

In the event of a callout being required, all our maintenance plan customers get priority access to service booking appointments.

Standard Plan
From £22.50 per month

Guaranteed service appointment within 5 days of call, if a call is required
(Call out charges apply)

Enhanced Plan
From £120.00 per month

Guaranteed engineer
appointment next working day if a call is required.
(No call out charge)
Also included is free
telephone support during
office hours, 2 service hours per month, included and reduced-price annual service.

VIP Plan
From £225.00 per month

Guaranteed engineer
appointment within 24
hours if a call is required.
(No call out charge)
Also included is free 24/7
telephone support during
office hours, 2 service hours per month. Annual service is also included.

Wi-Fi & Network Monitoring
Only £8.00 per Month

Our Cloud management
platform monitors your Wi-Fi and Broadband to ensure your network is always running at the optimum level and remains secure from unwanted intruders.
This great service also helps to diagnose connectivity and ISP speed issues.



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