Official installers of QMotion Shades for Sussex, Surrey and London

  March 06, 2017

There was a time when people were somewhat suspicious of smart home automation and to be honest, there was good reason for it. Put simply, the technology of old wasn’t necessarily always that good. In the case of blind and curtain automation, you might have faced issues such as noisy motors, tangled rope cord or the old classic – the product just wouldn’t work as it was intended to. We’ve come a long way since those early days though and now there are products to help automate your home that are truly innovative, reliable and let’s face it – undeniably cool.

One such product is the incredible range of QMotion Shades

Recently featured on The Gadget Show (so they really MUST be cool!) these motorised shades are entirely wireless and can be operated by remote control or mobile app. There’s no cord to get tangled or looped and no nasty wires sticking out and making your otherwise pristine room look scruffy. You’ve simply got a sleek, smooth system that oozes sophistication and style.

QMotion shades have an incredible range of features:

Manual Override

Yes, your read that correctly. Having your blinds automated doesn’t mean you lose control over operating them manually. If you want to raise them, give them a gentle tug down and release. To pull them down, simply grip the bottom of the blind and pull (no nasty cords remember).

Virtually Silent

Q motion blinds are virtually silent. There’s no annoying motor and no screeching or tugging noise as the blinds move down. All you can expect here is a smooth, gentle and virtually silent transition.

Wide range of styles and colours

Who doesn’t want their smart products to look as impressive as they perform? With over 500 different colours and designs, you won’t be disappointed here and whatever the look of your home, office or building, your QMotion blinds will blend in seamlessly. Want to see for yourself? Check out the full fabric range.

Operate by remote control or mobile app

The choice is yours. You’ve got a traditional remote control to operate your blinds or a simple-to-use app that is available for both iOS and Android. If you’ve already started embracing all that a Smart Home has to offer, we can also integrate your QMotion shades into your existing smart home control system. It literally couldn’t be simpler.

Wireless curtains too – seriously!

It’s not just blinds that can be automated. QMotion supplied curtain rails and finials that are designed upon sophisticated, patented technology that rotates to draw your curtains open and closed.

QMotion shades can only be purchased through an exclusive network of authorised distributors. As experts in all aspects of Smart Home automation, Smart Homes Company is proud to confirm that we are on that list. To see what all the fuss is about simply get in touch – you know you want to.

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