Number plate recognition across Surrey, Sussex and the South-East

  August 15, 2017

It may sound a bit ‘CSI’ (or Starsky and Hutch, depending on your age) but number plate recognition is not just for the cops – it can serve a valuable purpose in your home or business too.

Number plate recognition involves the installation of a purpose-designed camera to instantly capture the licence plate of any vehicle approaching your property. Through interacting with the rest of your Smart Home safety systems you can programme your number plate recognition software to trigger a variety of actions from receiving a simple alert on your mobile phone or tablet, to the automatic lockdown of your property, or the sounding of your connected Smart alarm system.

Protect your home from unwanted visitors

Number plate recognition gives an added level of security to your connected Smart Home entry systems. This intelligent software captures the details of all who visit your property – both announced, and unannounced, giving you the ability to allow expected guests in, or deny access to unauthorised vehicles. Should the worst happen and there is a security breach, it will present you with the licence plate of the person who entered, providing you with some valuable information to help Starsky and Hutch quickly track down the bad guys… or just to hand to the police in a less dramatic fashion, if you prefer.

Live in a large property? Or just feeling lazy?

If you live in a large property, or work in a building located some distance away from a main entry gate, number plate recognition cameras be your tired legs best friend. By remotely transmitting the details of an approaching vehicle to you, you can choose whether to grant access or deny entry without having to leave your current location – also handy if you’re halfway through pouring a gin and tonic. Some number plate recognition systems can be programmed to automatically allow access to pre-selected licence plates, so if you receive regular visitors, they can enter immediately and you can greet them with said gin and tonic in hand, perhaps?

Want your own number plate recognition camera?

We set up number plate recognition cameras and software that works with your existing CCTV systems, across Sussex, Surrey and the South-East. Our cameras are suitable for a range of different requirements and can be selected to record cars travelling up to high speeds and licence plates visible from various distances. You don’t need any other specialist equipment to set up your system and we handle the installation for you.

The wide range of cameras available make them popular with anyone looking to enhance their security. Contact us to discuss your concerns, or to speak through any other aspect of Smart Home Safety and we will help you select the best options to keep you protected.

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