Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio

With a dedicated multi-room audio system, sound from numerous sources (hard drive, online music subscription services, iPods etc.) can be played throughout your home and controlled through your Smartphone or tablet.

Multi-room Audio

The wide range of multi-room audio products on the market offer solutions for virtually any scenario, and we can advise on the product, or products, that will best suit your needs; whether this means compatibility with existing technology you already own, or the need for sound to work within a space that has limited acoustics.

The multi-room audio system that’s best for your property will partly depend on the size and shape of your rooms, the position you wish to place your speaker(s) and your longer-term plans for any further home designs or additional sound systems. It may be that you are just interested in listening to music, but should later you wish to add a sound bar and use your speakers to create a surround sound system for your television, for example, then there are products that suit these needs.

Multi-room audio benefits

As with well-considered lighting, great sound will enhance the enjoyment of your living spaces instantaneously – multi-room audio systems make enjoying your music easier than ever before by sharing your music collection across your household at the touch of a button.

Controlled from your phone, or from your central Smart Home control panel, our multi-room audio systems offer outstanding sound from the world’s best brands to produce rich, powerful audio that is crystal-clear at any volume.

Multi-room audio features

  • Easy installation in both new and existing homes
  • Wireless sound system
  • Control your music from your Smartphone or tablet
  • Add to your audio system over time
  • Music follows you as you move around the house
  • Stream music from thousands of sources

Controlled wirelessly and integrated throughout your home

Often we will recommend the justifiably popular Sonos system or the HEOS by Denon system, but there are other products that may be equally as well suited too. Whichever system is selected, you won’t be stuck with ugly wires, boxes and cables all over your house – your multi-room audio system is based around a speaker (or system of integrated speakers) that communicates wirelessly with your Smartphone or tablet.

Your speakers, along with any ceiling speakers and AMPs, can be programmed to receive audio, when directed, through an app on your mobile device. The more speakers you have, the more locations you can send sound to. What’s more, you can vary what you listen to throughout the house. Simply open your mobile app, select your room and choose what you would like to play there.

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