Home Cinema

Home Cinema

Home Cinema offers the ultimate opportunity to enjoy high-end, audio-visual entertainment from the comfort of your own home. It has been available for a number of years but thanks to rapidly evolving Smart technology, alongside advancements in 4K and HD viewing, the Home Cinema experience is now even better than the traditional movie theatre experience!

Home Cinema

At Smart Homes Company we are always a step ahead, ready to offer you the next big technological advancement. In the case of Home Cinema, it’s 3D audio and Dolby ATMOS. We have an excellent relationship with our key suppliers in Epsom, and invite you to experience this incredible new style of surround sound experience in their demo room. With our expertise and advanced technical knowledge, we have many years’ of experience as home cinema experts in London, Sussex and Surrey.

Home cinema benefits

A bespoke Home Cinema system will bring both the cinematic visuals and the dramatic sounds of the movie theatre into your very own living room, or dedicated Home Cinema room. Unconfined by the dimensions of a television, your Home Cinema system will typically rely upon a white screen and a projector, in the same manner as it would at a commercial cinema.

Home cinema features

  • Custom installations
  • Dedicated room or space
  • Projector and screen, rather than TV
  • 3D and Dolby ATMOS sound
  • Demo room available – try before you buy

Home cinema installation in London, Sussex and Surrey – bringing the big screen to your home

We specialise in custom installations, meaning that you are not bound by the size restrictions of your living space and – whatever the shape and size of the room you envisage your Home Cinema in, we can supply the best system from the wide selection of products available.  We’re on hand to help you select, source and install the best product for your dedicated Home Cinema space, so that all you have to do is switch it on, watch, listen and enjoy.

Would you love a Home Cinema, but are not sure where to start? At Smart Homes Company we can make your Home Cinema work for spaces of any size.

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