Heating Controls

Heating Controls

At the core of Smart living is the ability to streamline your everyday processes, affording you the luxury of stepping back and allowing your home to work instinctively in the best way for your lifestyle. A fundamental part of this is by ensuring the comfort of your living areas through effective climate control.

Heating Control

Smart heating works on a multi-zone principle, meaning that you can divide your property into set areas that have different heating needs – this can be useful if you work from home and need just one room of the house to be warm during the day, for example, or if you have a home gym that you would like to keep cooler than the rest of your property.

Intelligent heating benefits

Intelligent heating (also known as ‘Smart heating’) identifies your daily habits, routines and temperature preferences automatically, then uses this information to determine when to heat your property to the desired temperature.

Furthermore, in addition to the comfort benefits of installing an intelligent heating system, it will also help you in your journey towards running a more energy-efficient household.

Intelligent heating features

  • Learns your routine
  • Only heats what’s needed
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Heat your house before you arrive home
  • Different temperatures for different rooms

We install Smart heating solutions to all types and sizes of homes and commercial buildings. Smart ‘heating’ is not just limited to warm temperatures though; it can also be used to effectively manage the flow of cool air around a particular space. In larger properties, in particular, underfloor heating can have an impact on air conditioning, with the two systems essentially competing against each other. Smart heating can manage this by creating a ‘dead zone’ where the fluctuating temperature will not kick in and affect your other systems unnecessarily.

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