Full System Design

Full System Design

Smart Home System Design

Our Smart Home system designers have the experience in planning the infrastructure and logistics required to achieve the results you desire.  They provide detailed plans of the internal and external wiring that will be needed, working closely with your electrician. (Please speak to us if you don’t already have your own electrician and we can recommend one of our professional partners)

Designs for new-build homes

One of the best times to plan the design of a fully-functional Smart Home is during, or before, its planning and development. We work with architects, developers and home builders to offer an advisory and installation service covering virtually any aspect of a new-build home – by looking at the big picture, and we can determine how Smart technology could add practical and commercial value.

Designs for existing homes

Existing homes typically, by their very nature, have a level of infrastructure and cabling already in place. A lot of the time this can be sufficient for what you are looking to achieve, but depending on the Smart Home technology you are looking to integrate, it may be that there are some practical considerations to be had. Our Smart Home designers have the knowledge and experience of working with tricky spaces and coming up with solutions to overcome them.

Designing your own Smart Home

Can I not just design my own Smart Home? We get asked this kind of question frequently, and this answer is: ‘sort of.’ You will naturally want to have as much input as possible into your new Smart Home, and we are only too happy to work with you to achieve everything you are hoping to accomplish. But with years of experience in adapting and enhancing spaces, our Smart Home designers will generally be aware of an even greater range of options open to you. We want you to have the best possible Smart Home and will happily help you with your ideas so that the end design works perfectly with the layout of your home.

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