Entertainment Simplified

Entertainment Simplified

Enjoy beautiful, 4K high-definition video in every room without the jumble of cables behind the TV, bulky components and a table full of remotes. With multi-room video, everyone can enjoy the same movie or watch what they want in any room of the house. Share your entire movie library, and stream live without the need for additional video sources in each room. And the simple, elegant design of our interfaces, from remotes to wall or tabletop touchscreens, fi ts perfectly with any décor. Multiply your entertainment options with wireless devices that are convenient, discreet, and look great in any situation.

Discreet but Powerful Tech in Any Room

With Control4, you can distribute 10 HDMI sources (satellite/cable boxes, streaming media, media players or gaming devices) to 10 video display locations with full 4K HD clarity, all in a centralized, out-of-sight location.

Configurable keypads enable music to be totally managed, stopped, volume adjusted, or skipped.  The fantastic clarity of sound and immersive Triad multi-room audio means that you can enjoy high resolution sounds just as the artist intended. 

Entertainment simplified

With a Smart Entertainment System every member of your family can choose and listen to the tunes they want from whichever part of the home they are in, or you can all enjoy the same playlist together throughout the entire house.  Everyone can control their listening with their own smartphone or tablet.  

Total Choice of Music and Audio

Built-in music services come with every system so that you can enjoy access to millions of songs, playlists, podcasts and radio stations through popular streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Pandora, TIDAL and TuneIn—already included in every system, and with the ability to add dozens more of your favorite music services.

For even greater expansion of your audio streaming options, ShairBridge gives you access to your personal library of music using any iOS device. Even guests can stream their own music through your home and even outside where we provide even greater accessibility for your acoustics and outdoor television and audio equipment that offers viewing in the fresh air and space of your garden or patio, jazzes up your parties and creates a great atmosphere for entertainment.

Fire up your playlist on the deck, by the barbecue, right from the smartphone in your pocket. Enjoy always-on convenience from the touchscreen in the kitchen. Even start, stop and skip music from a keypad on the wall. Smart Homes around Sussex, Surrey and London is changing the way you access and experience the music in your home. 

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