Door and Gate Entry

Door and Gate Entry

We install Door and Gate Entry Systems in homes across Sussex, Surrey and London

Both Smart technology and digital and technological advancements in general, have brought with them an increasing range of methods to keep your property secure from intruders. Monitoring your property and granting access only to those who are welcome, has never been easier.

Door Entry System

A reliable entry system not just enhances security, but also negates the need to physically go to your property’s entry point each time a visitor arrives. This can be invaluable in larger properties, those with long driveways and expansive land, or in commercial buildings with upper levels where you may wish to open a door to allow for a parcel delivery.

Video entry systems

Facial recognition is arguably the most reliable method of identifying a visitor to your property. Moreover, video entry systems reveal the space around a person, as well as their identity. This means that should an individual you would typically grant access to be joined by an unwanted guest, you have far greater control and knowledge to handle the situation.

Depending on your requirements, there are analogue or digital systems, each of which are available in an entrance panel or videophone style. The more specialised systems also boast features including hands-free speech and intercommunication between multiple phones.

Access control systems

Traditional locks and keys offer security, but if they are lost or stolen you will find yourself facing the expense and inconvenience of needing to get locks changed, and keys reissued. Furthermore, keys are easily copied and therefore might not be the best option for your property.

A convenient access control system removes the need to ever replace a lock again. Entrance is via an easy-to-change code that is simply punched into a keypad, or via a keycard that is swiped to pass an entry point. Cards are easily deactivated if lost or stolen, and a numerical code for use with a keypad can be updated as often as you like.

Fingerprint access systems

Fingerprint access entry systems offer an extra level of security. As each person’s fingerprint is unique, the risk of unauthorised access is virtually non-existent.  A fingerprint entry system reads the pattern of a person’s fingerprint and compares it to a previously scanned recording. If a person tries to enter your property without having a recognised fingerprint, they will be unable to gain access.

Fingerprint access may sound high-tech, but optical sensors are accurate, reliable and can read fingerprints quickly and easily. Fingerprint entry systems are often used inside, but we also supply and install waterproof readers for outside use. These are reliable in all temperatures and conditions and work even when a finger is dirty or greasy.

Bespoke home entry systems

Smart Homes Company works with specialist entry systems suppliers to offer a range of solutions suited to even the most advanced requirements. We can integrate audio, video and gate entry onto any phone system, to deliver the solution most appropriate.

Contact us using the form below to speak through your home entry system and security requirements in Sussex, Surrey, and London. We have extensive knowledge of all systems available and are happy to suggest the most suitable product for your needs.

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