Design a Smart Home in Sussex, Surrey or London for fully automated living

  September 25, 2017

We’re passionate about Smart Home technology and nothing excites us more than to get involved at the early conceptual stages of designing your Smart Home.  There is far more to Smart Living that just intelligent heating and Smart lighting (but don’t get us wrong, there are some seriously cool things that can be done with those too!) What really gives us a chance to shine though, is when we can demonstrate the full abilities of how all your Smart products can integrate together, ‘speaking’ to each other as if by magic to simplify your everyday processes.

We can help you at any stage of the process, but to be involved from the start generally saves you money in the long run, as this enables us to strategically plan the best places for any cables or equipment, and to recommend the products that will meet the needs you have both now, and are likely to have in the future. Aesthetically, it also means that everything can be set up before you begin painting, decorating or even building, so there’s a minimum disruption to our daily life and we keep everything looking tidy.

Designing a Smart Home yourself offers endless options

There are plenty of ‘off-the-shelf- Smart Home products that are fabulous and we regularly recommend these, but unless you are told, you might not realise their full capabilities when it comes to communicating with each other. Did you realise that a well-designed Smart Home can feature products and technology that allow you to do any of the following:

  • Automatically turn on a sprinkler system when a fire is detected
  • Turn on or dim your lights when a person is detected, to give the impression that you are at home
  • Watch and speak to your pets remotely, and even eject a treat for them if they are behaving!
  • Automatically reorder food before you’ve even realised you have run out
  • Light rooms only when they are in use

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there really is so much more that your home can do for you. To discuss your options and find out how Smart technology can simplify your everyday living, save you money on bills and ultimately, make your home think, get in touch to speak to one of our Smart Home designers.

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