CCTV/Motion Detection

CCTV/Motion Detection

We install Smart motion detection CCTV systems to give you the peace-of-mind that your home is secure – with advancements in Smart motion technology, it’s easy to view, monitor and protect your home or property from virtually any remote location, simply by keeping track of activity on your Smartphone or tablet.


At Smart Homes Company we specialise in securing high-value properties through the installation, fitting and programming of high-definition CCTV and motion detection systems throughout Sussex, Surrey and London. These will detect any change in movement and trigger an alert to be sent to your mobile or handheld device.

Installing a home CCTV system around your property (inside and/or outside) will significantly enhance your security, providing a clear source of evidence and often acting as a deterrent in themselves, but home CCTV comes with other benefits too. Whether you wish to monitor the welfare of your baby or even your pets, or to allow access to vehicles without having to physically leave your location, the right CCTV system will make this all possible.

Protecting your home or property

If unrecognised or unexpected movement occurs in any area of your property, an alert can be sent to your mobile device. Furthermore, we can programme your system to trigger one of any number of predetermined actions. This could be automatically turning on your intelligent lighting system, raising all blinds and curtains or even locking doors or sounding an alarm. Whatever the triggered action, the end result is that your property will be better secured and protected.

Home CCTV/Motion detection benefits

  • Trigger lights to switch on automatically upon entry
  • Receive alerts if there is any unexpected motion
  • View activity remotely
  • Capture images of suspicious movement

We install home CCTV systems across Sussex, Surrey & London

We supply and install a variety of easy-to-use and cost-effective Smart CCTV solutions in homes throughout Sussex, Surrey and London, and now that virtually everyone has a WiFi network and a connection to the internet, fitting a couple of cameras in key positions is relatively simple.

Domestic CCTV has come a long way since the launch of the first fuzzy black and white security cameras. Smart technology offers viewing on your mobile device from any location, and crystal clear clarity and colour are to be expected. Faces are easily recognisable and you can receive instant, real-time notifications of any security breech, whenever your system is triggered by unexpected movement.

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