Blind & Curtain Automation

Blind and Curtain Automation 

Automated curtain and blind installation across Sussex, Surrey and London

Automating your blinds and curtains does more than just save you time – it helps to protect your home from sun damage, overheating and security threats. We install automatic ‘Smart’ blinds and curtains that know what you would want them to do; from waking up to natural light, to ensuring that shade is provided to keep rooms cool, or closing automatically as the evening draws in.

Blind and curtain automation

Motorised blinds and curtains can be programmed to stay closed until a time that you decide, meaning that you can wake when you want, rather than when the sun tells you to. Conversely, if you struggle to get out of bed whatever the weather, waking to natural sunlight can make it easier to rise and shine than waking in a darkened room.

How blind and curtain automation works

Automatic curtains, automated blinds, and even shutters can be programmed and managed centrally via a traditional switch, an app on your Smartphone or tablet or from your central Smart Home control panel, to allow for better management of more spacious households.

Blind & curtain automation features

  • Wake up to natural light
  • Centrally control all curtains, blinds and shutters
  • Added comfort and security features
  • Programmable, or triggered by natural lighting conditions

Enhance home security with blind and curtain automation

The technology afforded through automated blinds and curtains offers security as well as convenience, benefits – through integration with your alarm system you can programme certain actions to be taken if it is triggered – for example, all curtains and blinds could open to expose a possible intruder.  You can also programme your blinds and curtains to mimic past activity, so that if you leave your property your home still appears occupied. The most impressive Smart technology features work alongside other products – in this instance, you can also programme your smart lighting system to turn lights on and off automatically, so that your property looks occupied even when it is not.

Protect your furnishings with automated blinds and curtains

If all, or part, of your home receives a lot of sun, this can over time lead to fading of carpets, furniture and artwork. Motorised blinds and curtains can be operated manually or programmed intelligently to draw if the levels of light reach a certain point, thereby protecting your home from this type of sun damage.

Interested in automating your blinds, curtains or shutters, or programming them to work with your existing Smart Home solutions? Contact us using the form below for a no-obligation consultation in Sussex, Surrey and London.

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