Bespoke Programming

Bespoke Programming

Programming your Smart Home

The technology offered by today’s Smart Home products is incredible, the solutions we recommend perform exceptionally, sometimes even straight out-of-the-box. However, when programmed to meet the specific needs of your lifestyle, they will perform even better.

To help you realise the full potential out of your products, bespoke programming of your products allows us to present you with the absolute best that Smart technology offers. 

Therefore, the first stage of our professional Smart Home consultations is to evaluate your current, everyday actions. By exploring these processes, we can work together to devise innovative ways in which Smart technology can simplify them.  Importantly, all Smart Home solutions you would benefit from can be linked together through a central access system, making them easy and simple to control.

Bespoke programming

Your needs are likely to be somewhat different to others, which is why it is so essential to programme your products in a fully personalised way. Bespoke programming offers a whole-system approach to your Smart products, enabling them to work as one united system and offering, amongst other things, the opportunity to:

  • Activate an outside light if a motion sensor is triggered
  • Lower your blinds and curtains if the sun penetrates too strongly
  • Send a security alert to your phone if a door is opened

The possibilities around the ‘if this, then that’ actions that can be programmes are endless, and your new technology can do so much that you may not even be aware of.  Our bespoke programming specialists will clarify all the possible options with you and help you to programme your products accordingly.

Familiarisation with your products

Once your products have been programmed and set up, we will not just disappear. We want you to enjoy them to the full, which is why we will walk you through your systems, explain their actions and brief you on how to make any future changes. We will show you exactly how all your Smart Home products work and will only ever be a phone call away, should you have further questions in the future.

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