About Us

About Us

Smart Homes Company works with both private and commercial clients to maximise the possibilities offered by the most current Smart technology. With our experience and technical knowledge, we provide fully-integrated technological solutions that work with the environment to offer our clients a personalised world of high-end designer experiences, offering up exciting opportunities for an intelligent home or property that fits their demands and needs.

Smart Homes Company

Your Smart Home installation should function seamlessly and be intuitive to your requirements.  Our team’s consistent approach is what keeps our clients on board with our in-depth consultancy services.  Not every out-of-the-box solution has the complete answer to individual clients and their circumstances, so we investigate and suggest bespoke solutions that are tailored to your personal environment and what you want to achieve.  Our professional preparation and installation of your new products, meeting of required services and finally  our proficient aftersales and support packages have earned our customers’ loyalty time and again.

What makes Smart Homes Company experts?

Once we agree the brief with the client, then the client can rely on our technical knowledge and care of every detail to complete the project with no further input, and look forward to taking control of their new Smart Home.

Always a step ahead

Technology is now swiftly advancing and expanding possibilities for Smart homes and we are constantly updating our training and contact links with both manufacturers and suppliers within the industry.  Smart Homes has been a member of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), who we now represent at Smart Home and trade events, since 2013.

We are not limited in scope but can tackle the largest projects in full home or business system design, or simply improve your current set up for better security sound quality or comfort.  Smart Homes guarantee a wealth of expert advice, well defined planning and installation followed by after care and service that exceeds your expectations.  Contact us to discuss any project you have in mind. 

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